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Thread: Listing of common torque specs for FZ6R

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    Default Listing of common torque specs for FZ6R

    Does anyone have a listing of common torque specs for the FZ6R?

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    i will on the 6th when my manual shows up, if anybody needs specs post and i will answer your question.

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    upper shock bolt 36 ft lbs
    lower shock bolt 39 ft lbs
    upper handle bar 17 ft lbs
    grip end 19 ft lbs
    union bolt ft master cylinder 23 ft lbs
    front brake caliper bolts 19 ft lbs
    rear wheel sprocket bolts 57 ft lbs
    rear axle 64 ft lbs
    rear wheel brake disc 14 ft lbs
    swingarm 79 ft lbs
    front sprocket 61 ft lbs
    left front engine mounting 40 ft lbs
    right side engine front mounting 40 ft lbs
    rear engine motor mounts 40 ft lbs
    steering stem nut 79 ft lbs
    triple tree upper pinch bolts 14 ft lbs
    triple tree lower pinch bolts 22 ft lbs
    fork cap bolt 17 ft lbs
    damper rod bolt 16 ft lbs
    lower handlebar holder nut 23 ft lbs
    bolts for rear grap bar 11 ft lbs
    front brake caliper mounting bracket 28 ft lbs
    front brake calper 19 ft lbs
    front brake disc 12 ft lbs
    front axle 46 ft lbs
    front wheel axle pinch bolt 13 ft lbs
    brake line union bolt near master reservior 23 ft lbs
    exhaust header flange nuts 14 ft lbs
    muffler bolts left and right side 14 ft lbs

    all on same piece foot rest assembly
    2 at 39 ft lbs
    3 at 21 ft lbs 1 at 16 ft lbs
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    here's the rest !

    left side gusset plate 4 bolts 22 ft lbs
    union bolt oil cooler 45 ft lbs
    rear brake disc 14 ft lbs
    oil fillter 12 ft lbs
    drain bolt 31 ft lbs

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    So I'm taking it the header exhaust flange nut is the for mounting the headers...are they really only mounted at 14ft lbs? That just seems low to me...

    I have the service manual I just don't see anything for the headers in there. Would it be called something different?

    Edit: I'm guessing Exhaust Pipe Nut in the service manual is them since it has a quantity of 8...and it is indeed 14ft lbs...
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    yes where the headers mount to the exhaust ports..... 14 ft lbs is tight enough because there are exhaust gaskets there.

    couple mine were loose.... so good to check them with a 3/8 drive tq wrench if you have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    i will on the 6th when my manual shows up, if anybody needs specs post and i will answer your question.
    Thanks! Where did you buy your repair manual?

    Rick Forristall
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorcycle Melee View Post
    Thanks! Where did you buy your repair manual?

    Rick Forristall
    This is a post from 2010. I don't think he's a member anymore. You can find downloadable versions cheap. I downloaded a copy for like $5 or $10. Just Google fz6r service manual. You'll find lots of stuff, just sort through some of the garbage links.
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    bump bump used this today - great info - TORQUE don't just muscle those bolts!!!!
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    I am using the PDF copy of the factory service manual that has been around since 2009. It calls for 57 Ft. Lbs torque on the rear sprocket nuts. That sounds too high, and when I try to tighten them to that value it feels too tight. Anyone know of an updated spec.?

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