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Thread: Cool Route Planner Site

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    Default Cool Route Planner Site

    I found this site Ride Motorcycle Roads in Austin, Texas, United States at that has fun routes to ride on the link I included is for Austin,TX but there might be ones for your area in there as well. I thought it was cool since i don't have a gps yet and some of the routes for my area I would have never found.
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    Default They have an app for that...

    If you've got an iPhone - I strongly suggest you download the "Greatest Road" app.... Outlines all sorts of great roads all over North American. Just find where you're at or going to be, hit search and it'll show you were to ride.


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    Another handy little FREE tool for your PC is this Tyre

    routes can be planned then dropped and dragged into your sat-nav

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    Yea MotoWhere is awesome...

    Tyre looks REALLY cool, I don't have a GPS on my bike (yet), so right now I just open google maps, print out the general area, add notes and highlight the route I want to take. Course I gotta stop if I get lost

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    Great site! Thanks. It also has routes for Michigan. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Harley-Davidson has a great ride planner for motorcycle rides. You can save your rides, publicize them, and also see others that people have created. In addition, some of the routing options allow you to avoid interstates, etc.

    H-D Ride Planner Overview

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    Default Maps, Maps, Maps!

    While I use Google Maps for route planning, I have found great local maps published by motorcyclists. I highly recommend AmericaRidesMaps for anyone wanting detailed maps of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Deal's Gap and the Cherohala Skyway. (Western NC, SC, North Georgia and Virginia.) Most of these maps are $6 each. Great detail, loop rides marked, the works.

    I have ridden a lot in Texas Hill Country, and found county maps to have good detail for roadways, but lacking on amenities listings. (And I avoid Austin while on the bike!)
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    thanks for passing these on will check them out. Especially when heading into unfamiliar territory. Also check out an app called mytrax. keeps track of your ride, shows you on a map where you have been, how long you were gone, average and top speed, elevation, etc. etc.

    For those of you that say you dont have GPS i highly recomend a blue tooth helmet. You will never go back. You can get the GPS direct from your phone and Its great to not have to look or worry about directions the girl just chirps in your ear when to "turn left, turn left" the music options is also fantastic as well as the rider to rider and you can get one for about 150 with it built in. check out the vcan 136 or jafrum has a cheaper one as well. for a little nicer check out oneil or torc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fstrthan_uthink View Post
    Yea MotoWhere is awesome...

    Tyre looks REALLY cool, I don't have a GPS on my bike (yet), so right now I just open google maps, print out the general area, add notes and highlight the route I want to take. Course I gotta stop if I get lost
    Yep, that's me. In the SouthEast there are so few twisties. When I find them on Google, I print it out, usually with directions, and off I go.

    No GPS, just a map and directions. The directions are usually handy when in a town and I have switch from Route X to Route XY, and it's a little bitty town and the road would be difficult to find.

    You can find me at a gas station, drinking a coffee, smoking a cigarette and in serious study of a computer printed map. I might miss fewer turns with GPS, but I don't have one.

    Besides, there is a sense of adventure and exploration that having a GPS would simply destroy. I'm in the South Eastern United States. It's not as though I'm going to be without gas in the middle of the Sahara, unless I'm stupid. (I was once in a national forest and nearly out of gas, and hit my smart phone to find the nearest station. That was scary, and I WAS stupid, LOL.)

    One of my greatest joys is taking off to find roads unknown, with map in pocket and little else. I don't have a smart phone anymore.

    It's for real when I do it now-a-days, and I have to admit that I love it. Honestly though, not having a GPS around here is no big deal. I look at the signs and head East. I'll hit a North/South interstate on my map eventually.

    From there it's just basic road-nav. But what an adventure, in the odd times I do get lost!
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