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Oh, just to get back to the OP, I do get some popping and gurgling on hard deceleration, with my block off plates. I believe it's a function of a slightly rich map using the Adv Gear Rev B Marthy map. A little rich is a good thing.

I have a pro tuned 340 WTQ 336 WHP 2004 Sti. Before the protune using off the shelf Cobb maps it backfired a bunch and sometimes shot flames due to the safe, but rich Cobb maps. After the pro-tune by Agile Performance, it rarely actually backfires, and only has slight gurgles on deceleration. On that car with my mods it made a HUGE power and smoothness difference. But, the Cobb tuning software gives the experienced tuner A LOT of variables to tune... way more than what I understand can be done with our bikes.

Given what is adjustable on our bikes with a Dyno tune and how good the Adv Gear Rev B map is, I doubt it's worth the full price for a dyno tune. I am sure it may be slightly better, but doubt it's a huge difference. I'd love to hear from someone that has done it with a similar set up that we are talking about.

For me, I actually like the hard decel sounds my bike make now with my Delkevic D70 can.
Same, love the decel sound with my viper can. It's not excessive and I have to downshift pretty hard to get popping.

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