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Just few pics of me over the years
  1. MTII driving class.
  2. The machine! Vespa Scooter. PX 150. I'm in the process of restoring a 1963 GS160, I will post some pics later...
  3. 2010 Sebring 12hrs...
  4. Double podium finish for the team (1-2) the other car finished 5th and 7th. NJMP
  5. The Bat Mobile! Just cool
  6. My latest creation. Just finish to restore this car for the Monterey Classic (Laguna Seca) This is a March 85G1 with a V6 Buick engine (Grand...
  7. Formula Mazda
  8. Me and my ride.
  9. My Sexy and my ride
  10. That's a cool pick. Here I am sitting in the car while the engine is warming up with the car on low stand. (rear wheel of the ground) So the...
  11. Toronto GP in P. Tracy's machine. One of the main reason you always see me in a car it's because i'm the only one that could fit his *** in there......
  12. Toronto GP pre race ceremony.
  13. My new friend!
  14. Indy 500 2009 with KV technology and Paul Tracy. Finish 9th.
  15. Chit chatting with my Formula Mazda driver
  16. With my good old friend Tommy at Trois-Riviere GP. Setuping up is M3 to go fast!
  17. Here with my girl at Palm Beach International Raceway.
  18. 2008 Daytona 24hrs race with a Porsche 911 GT3. We were doing ok until the engine blew up after 17 hrs! It was hearth braking. Honestly never did...
  19. Homestead Indy Weekend
  20. Indy Car Engine
  21. All the way to the left in Racer's magazine.
  22. Still at Edmonton. We finish 4th that year.
  23. Going to the pit lane. Edmonton, Canada. Driver: Paul Tracy
  24. Barber Motorsports Park. Grand-Am Race weekend.
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